What is Shared Hosting?

hosting account lets you put a website online, store data related to your site, and create email addresses using your domain name. Shared Hosting allows multiple users with individual internet domains to share and utilize one server. Shared Hosting is often compared to renting an apartment— you share a building (server) with other tenants, but you yourself have your own personal apartment (website).

Users can also set up multiple websites under one user account. This is why Shared Hosting is such a great choice for small businesses, blogs, and personal websites looking for cost-efficient, easy to use, safe hosting services. The shared space keeps the cost of hosting low. If you decide to go from one site to multiple sites, all it takes is a simple account upgrade to start hosting other sites on the same plan.

Whether your skill set includes extensive knowledge of website design and server maintenance or you have never created a website before, Shared Hosting services is a great way to jump-start your online website presence. We offer managed hosting on our shared servers, meaning that many of the fundamental, repetitive tasks of server administration are handled for you by our team of experts.

Experienced administrators will still have access to cPanel’s range of features, including database administration and DNS customization in the zone editor. For the price, Shared Hosting offers a lot— lots of email accounts, lots of space, quick set-up of popular software platforms like WordPress, and much more.


Benefits of Shared Hosting

Even though Shared Hosting is inexpensive, you still get plenty of well-maintained storage.

Fast Support and Maintenance

With Shared Hosting, highly skilled systems administrators at your web host maintain the server, hardware, and other essential components. Website downtime is mitigated with rapid response rates and technical support. Since multiple clients are utilizing the same server, a technical issue affecting one person is likely to affect others as well.

Hosting Oven Hosting proactively maintains and responds promptly to solve technical problems and handle security concerns. If you’re an entrepreneur, this means you don’t have to have the knowledge to maintain the servers yourself. You’ll be able to focus on your business, while we focus on the server.

User Friendly

Whether you choose to create your own website or have your site professionally designed through Hosting Oven, easy and efficient tools are available to help with configuration, set up, and customization of your site. Once you have purchased your selected hosting plan and have your website files uploaded, all that’s left is pointing your domain to your hosting account. Your customized website design can be up and receiving customer traffic quickly.

User-friendly control panels help save you time with common site management tasks. A web host may also provide email accounts, visitor statistics, and marketing tools to better design for, understand, and attract new visitors to your website.

When Not to Use Shared Hosting

With Shared Hosting, your website is placed on a common server with many other websites. As a result, the server is setup in a way to let popular frameworks like WordPress run smoothly with standard configurations. If you want to use a custom site framework not already installed on the server, or optimize server resources for specific site tasks, you would probably be better off with a VPS or Dedicated Hosting plan. These plans require a great deal more knowledge and systems administration experience, but will let you customize the server exactly to your needs.

Installing WordPress, or applying basic coding like HTML or CSS does not require root access and can be easily done with the basic setup of a Shared Hosting account. Email, basic security methods like ModSecurity, Sucuri, and SSL certificates also do not require root access and can be applied quickly without needing to have extensive knowledge and know-how.

Unless you need root access to install specific software or configurations, Shared Hosting is the perfect place start. That said, if you need to install specialized software or create new server configurations to get your site up and running, consider a VPS or Dedicated Server hosting plans.


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